Build - Construction


We provide services for construction and renovation of buildings and undertake civil works, while we also manage and monitor construction and civil projects. Being registered with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping, we have undertaken a series of construction projects locally and in Rodrigues. The different types of job undertaken include amongst others:

  • Building and Civil Works
  • Renovation works
  • All types of landscaping works including the laying of tarmac and paving blocks
  • All types of concrete structures
  • All types of timber structures
  • Fencing works
  • Finishes
  • Waterproofing

Over the years, projects have been undertaken in line with the above, be it construction of new buildings or major renovation works. The company has successfully completed projects such as the construction of a new police station, the extension to a secondary school and renovation work to hospitals. As a result of the above, we can proudly say, and as proven by our recently awarded projects, which we command the experience and expertise required to bring value to our clients businesses.

It is the responsibility of our Project Managers to:

  • Understand the project requirements and ensure they are thoroughly and unambiguously documented;
  • Prepare a project plan with achievable cost, schedule, and performance goals;
  • Identify and manage project risks;
  • Ensure the project team is well organized, adequately staffed, and working well together;
  • Manage project cost, schedule, requirements, and design baselines so they are traceable;
  • Report meaningful metrics for cost, schedule, quality and risks;
  • Conduct regular status reviews;
  • Ensure the adequacy of project documentation and testing;
  • Maintain meaningful communications among project stakeholders; and
  • Manage the project to attain the project goals and achieve stakeholder satisfaction.

In line with its policy of developing new expertise, in 2011 the company successfully completed the acoustical treatment to the new police band building in Mauritius. The project consisted of the design, supply and fixing of acoustical treatment to wall, ceiling, flooring, hall seatings and roof insulation. The building was comprised of several practice rooms, offices and a concert hall of around 530m2, with a seating capacity of 296 persons. Our expertise, following this successful assignment, has resulted in the obtainment of other acoustical works under two other construction projects; namely under the project for extension at RCPL and the construction of MGSS Nouvelle France Phase III.