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Our team will answer all your questions and find solutions for any issue.

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We offer quality services that allow you to attend to your core business.

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Quality of service is the cornerstone for business success.

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Working for Keep Clean is about more than just a job.

Welcome to Keep Clean

 In short – our value proposition is that we offer quality services our clients can trust. We give you the freedom to attend to your core business, while we manage the non-core business issues with excellence and integrity at the right price and the finest quality. We have 15 years’ experience in cleaning and the building and construction industries, with ISO proven standards and procedures in place.

With our unique proven practice of spending energy on construction, facilities management and cleaning and hygiene, we create a progressive and integrated approach to allow you to focus on your core business. Our young and dynamic trained team of experts provide value through their experience, expertise and trust. Keep Clean’s integrated service offering enables you to do what you do best, confident you can rely on us.

Our purpose is to create an optimal working environment through our unique integrated approach to building, managing and maintaining so that you are enabled to focus on your core business. As a result, we can place ourselves to offer employment, help build the country’s economy, and secure our long-term future.