About Our People

Our people are what make our organisation so special. We respect each other and our clients and this is the key element that delivers the trust in our brand promise. Through our integrity and proficiency we bestow a progressive and lasting service with a difference. We are firm believers that we need to practise what we preach and never let our customers down.

This is what our team say about working at Keep Clean…

“At Keep Clean, I work among diverse and professional people, and I have the opportunity to develop my skills through training. In this way, I gain valuable experience and I’m able to keep up with the team. I and my colleagues, are committed to performance achievement - for our own betterment, and ultimately for the company’s goals”. Zoubeir

“Working at Keep Clean has been a great experience for me. It is a privilege to be part of a young and dynamic team, working in a creative and well-organized environment with the support of professional and visionary superiors. The company has taught me leadership and management skills which have enabled me to excel in my field of work, and in my personal life. As a team, we are bound by a strong spirit and work culture and are determined to go the extra mile to propel our business to new prosperity and progress.” Shezad

“By putting my best efforts into my work, I have achieved both personally and professionally. Those efforts were rewarded in a very significant way and have encouraged me to improve further within the company. I have really appreciated the team work and collaboration from my colleagues, and the inspiration of my superiors. This is an opportunity to thank them all.” Avinash

“With its training and practical approach to learning, Keep Clean provided me with the critical tools and network that I needed to achieve my career ambitions. As a result, I acquired new project management techniques and tools, thereby improving my negotiation and leadership skills.” Deepa