Our Reputational Priority

Our number one priority is to develop a five star reputation within our market and amongst our customers. We believe wholeheartedly in our brand and that our offering of excellent service and a service you can trust and rely on, comes through in everything we do. It is important that our customers know what we stand for….

integrityIntegrity – It is the way we do business. It refers to the ‘clean’ manner in which we conduct our services with an honest and reliable approach, making Keep Clean consistent, trustworthy and transparent.
proficientProficient – Refers to the legacy and heritage of the business – we know what we are doing! 10 years of experience in the public contracts that define our expertise. Experience in construction that most of our competitors don’t have. It represents the qualified and trained employees we retain and the ISO certifications that enable us to be fully accredited. Proven standards and procedures in place.

orgressiveProgressive – signifies change, improvement and forward thinking. Characterised by moving forward and constantly adapting to the market, striving to give clients a more reliable service best suited to their needs.

collaboration Collaboration – …with our stakeholders, with our sister companies, with our colleagues and with our clients, to provide the most tailored and suitable service for all.
lasting-keep-cleanLasting – Endurance over a long period of time through the way we operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.